Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday...SJSU here we come!

To make up for the clear skies (no weather), we focused on hydro on this last part of the trip. Namely, discussing the streamflow off the eastern Sierra, Lake Tahoe's drainage, Mono Lake, snowpack etc. We also discussed potential impacts on the region from climate change.

To set the mood, we did a short detour to see Mono Lake, remembering that many of the students haven't visited the eastern Sierra. And then up and over Tioga Pass {though Yosemite}. Along the way, we stopped to look at the sharp terrain, and talk about the Washoe Zephyr wind of the eastern slope. Lunch in Tuolomne Meadows, and a mandatory walk down to the river to take our shoes off and wade in. Masses of lupines in blossom! We also stopped to see some mountaineering fools climbing up some rocks, and also for a fast peek at Half Dome. After which, full speed ahead for home!

Got back to SJSU at 6:30 pm - not bad at all!

Come back later to see photos!

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