Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random bits and pieces (will be updated as stuff happens)

Here are some things noted along the way that didn't make it into the blogs.

(1) Arizona TV blanketed with political attack ads. I, for one, will not miss them. I have seen too much of:
(i) John McCain's attack ads on J.D. Hayworth
(ii) J.D. Hayworth's attack ads on McCain
(iii) Ben Quayle's attack ads on President Obama (Ben = son of Dan Quayle)
(iv) "Vote for me" ads by Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County in southern AZ. Thing is, the vote is in 2012!!!

(2) Tourism update: lots of french language heard at GCNP. At the route 66 cafe (see earlier blog), we encountered a group of bikers from Germany. We were amused to watch them knocking back beers, and then climbing into rain suits before heading out in heavy rain. Also met some people from Santander in northern Spain.

(3) Flagstaff. A bit Santa Cruz-ish. A bit Boulder-ish. Both of which are good, but there's also a lot of strange folk wandering around! Including those people who like to walk across a crosswalk in the middle of traffic. Is it OK to hit them in that case?

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